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1-Robotic design &programing:
All about robotic designs mechanism and different type of programming language.
From 4-16 years.

2-Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry
pi and embedded system:
All you need to know about electronics and coding with advanced level to embedded system.
Junior: from 10-16 years.
Senior: from 17- 25 years.

3-Fabrication, solid work and 3rd printing:
You learn how to make complete industrial line with all you need about designing and mechanics .
Junior: from 10-16 years.
Senior: from 17- 25years.

4-cyber security and Ethical Hacking:
For network, server-side and host cyber security.
Realize your potential , find your strength and as you can pursue up to 200 career pathway in the world.
From 16-25year.

How to develop methods and software tools for understanding biological data.
From 15-25 years.

6-Mobile app &Game development:
Creating immersive gaming experience on multiple platforms.
From 11-25 years.

7- Internet of Things (IOT):
How devices, vehicles, home appliances that contain electronic and software connect, interact and exchange data.
Junior: from 9-15 years.
Senior: from 16-25 years.

8- Graphics, Photoshop and animation:
Finally, you can design your first animation movie, story and begin to achieve your dreams.
Junior: from 9-15 years.
Senior: from 16-25 years.

9- play with chemistry:
Little scientist from 5-9 years.

School curriculum

Project resources are designed to inspire student pursuit of
advanced STEAM education opportunities. Curriculum can be utilized for in-school, after school, summer programs and science fairs. Our curriculum for students from KG1 to G9. Our curriculum enhances multiple intelligence. Our academy present for all school students involved in our program a certificate accredited from Canadian association of science in Canada and other certificates to the school and school CEO.

   *Our curriculum integrated with British, American, national and IB curriculum. Standardization NGSS. (new generation science standards). We offer a complete integrated program (robotic and STEM lab, training of teacher, curriculum, assessment tool).
Our program is accredited from UNESCO.

Gifted program

students that while they may have inherent struggles in some areas of instruction, they also have inherent talents in others. If your child has some learning difficulties, not concentrate in his lessons, has a hyperactive manner with some attention deficit, or if he doesn’t need to communicate with others. That’s not a serious or complicated problem. in our program we focus in the talent of your children and reshape this point to become a strong point in his personality and this led to improvement in his attention, communication. We own the assessment tools to discover the deficit, the program which treat this deficit Don’t let your child alone. help him to become a talent child.
Our program is accredited from UNESCO.

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